Meet Leen and Hilde

From long time Corporate employees to proud female entrepreneurs

Where we come from...

We are Leen and Hilde Bastiaens and we are sisters. 
25 years ago we were also colleagues at a wonderful company called: EDS.   

That was the start of our long career in IT.  We are self-made women, which means that we started in fairly basic jobs and worked our way up into management functions.  Leen spend a big part of her career in the Learning and Development arena.  Hilde was a Consultant and Project Manager for a long time.
Working in IT often means: operating in a mans world.  We can’t count the times we found ourselves in a room surrounded by men who didn’t listen to our words or would try to mansplain everything.  
And we won’t have to explain the glass ceiling to any woman who ever worked as an employee.
But that wasn’t all and also, don’t get us wrong.  We have met many wonderful colleagues in our career, people that became great friends, almost family.  But still, we often felt out of place.  Something else was calling… an idea that life was more than being an employee…
Leen and Hilde

Then we found ourselves at a crossroad...

Begin 2020 we found ourselves at a crossroad in our professional lives. This had never happened at the same time.  We knew we wanted change, not just in our job, but in our lives as well.  The call to really contribute was strong. And so was the call to start Designing our lives consciously.  We decided to start a company together.  
And with that decision things started to happen.  We bought KBB (The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course) and were coached by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.   The idea to share our knowledge, experience, expertise, enthusiasm, dedication and time, to help people like us – came very easily.

Now we are Certified Knowledgebrokers

Our corporate business experience brings tangible value to Entrepreneurs ready to execute on their vision...

While on our journey to start our company we realized that many things came really natural to us, because of our many years working in the corporate world and especially in IT.  That combined with our life long interest in psychology, sociology, the working of the mind, self development, spirituality, etc.   Made us realize that we were in a unique position to help entrepreneurs who can use help with Strategizing, Vision creation, goalsetting, Brainstorming, project management, procedural activities, automation and digital tools.

Marketing and Sales ...

(Online-) Marketing and Sales were the biggest gaps in our knowledge and expertise.  We dove in deep and for over a year we learned, tried and experimented while building our business.  Our guiding light has been the online marketing genius Russell Brunson.

We can offer access to some great resources.  We are now at a point where we can say:
The value we can bring to entrepreneurs is real!

We don't know everything about something. But we do know enough about a lot of things.

We are generalists, not specialists, ... And yes we know this confuses people sometimes...

Are you ready to reconnect with your Vision?

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