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You want more Autonomy, a better income and Time Freedom...

An online business, or bringing your existing business online, sound like the right answer..

Although you think you can do everything yourself.  (after all, you love learning new things), getting your business started online is an immense job.

And if you are honest with yourself, you also want the opportunity to travel more.
Having a true International business would open opportunities for Travel.

By now you realize, that you can use some help.  Preferably from Women with a lot of experience, who think strategically and are tech savvy…  And who live in a small country, because people from small countries have a unique understand of internationality and Cultural Diversity.

Meet Leen and Hilde Bastiaens

The Sister Strategists with each more than 20 year experience working for major IT companies, in jobs like Project Management, Consultancy, Change Management and learning and Development. As women, especially self-made women, we had to start over again multiple times and prove ourselves over and over in the male business world.

Our interests and experiences go far beyond what we could do in the corporate world and that led us on a path that allows to empower entrepreneurs to reconnect with their vision and find solutions to automate and outsource activities where possible.  We bring the female touch and are committed to empower other women.

Our mission is to “Inspire to live an inspirational life”.  And how better to start than by empowering entrepreneurs, like you, to reach your vision!

And, we live in Belgium 😉  a small country  in Western Europe with 11 million inhabitants, 3 language and Paris, London and Amsterdam less than a 3 hour car drive away.  

Are you ready to grow that Online Business?

Here is how we can help you

Start where you are now.  If you feel overwhelmed, or notice people stepping over your boundaries, begin here

You sometimes have doubts: about yourself, the path you take, what others think…  Your self-talk isn’t as it should be.   We have somethings for you here.

Starting, Building and Growing your Business online is a huge job and has many facets.  Do you need help on Strategies, Funnels, Tools or Servies?   Check here how we can Help.

Not sure where to start? 

Just check our “Work With Us” page, or Book a 30 min Discovery call with Leen or Hilde on that same page.

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